Who I am 

As my dad says, I was "born with a film in my hand".
Hi, my name is Francesca and since I was a child I grew up with a visceral love for photography. Already from the first grade I went on a trip with the old "disposable" because, as my mom said, "you never know they will steal your camera!" At 10 years old I was given my first compact, a Canon Prima BF. I developed dozens of rollers but I still didn't have the right skills to to be able to take decent photos. With the arrival of digital, I left everything. I took other paths. For twelve years I was an accountant in an accountancy firm. I gave up everything in 2013 to devote myself to family activities.In 2015 I met Enrico Pignatti, my current partner. Thanks to him, I was literally reborn. He taught me everything there is to know about professional photography, and with him a new me was born.I opened my freelance activity in 2018, in conjunction with my very first exhibition created in my city.I attended several workshops that have contributed to opening me up to a new vision of photography, specializing in fashion and beauty. I am a member of TAU VISUAL and AFIP INTERNATIONAL.

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